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Female Health Practitioner 

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‍ Gesundheitspraktikerin means Female Health Practitioner - what kind of profession is that?

While conventional medicine directs its focus on the elimination of ailments (socalled pathogenesis), a health practitioner BfG directs the focus on health through enjoyment, self-actualization and awareness (so-called salutogenesis). I earned my professional designation from the Professional Association of Health Practitioners ( Berufsverband für Gesundheitspraktiker = BfG for short). The BfG is an independent professional group within the German Society for Alternative Medicine (Deutschen Gesellschaft für Alternative Medizin  = DGAM for short). The DGAM is an umbrella organization for healing art and health culture, which is connected to humanistic alternative medicine ideals.

Health maintenance and personality development

Would you like to increase your self-worth and enhance your self-efficacy - the feeling of being able to achieve and make a difference in this world?
Are you ready for a fulfilled life in harmony of body, mind and soul?

Find your personal edge (= vorsprung personal) through well-being

The way to achieve this is mental awareness: clear goals, consistent action, effective encounters, healthy professional, interpersonal and spiritual interaction are the keys to personal and economical well-being. Happiness are the rather rare highlights, while well-being can be a permanent state.

Well-being goes far beyond the idea of measuring welth materially as gross national product. It is physical, mental and social well-being of the individual - embedded in family/friendship networks, market economy and environment. 

The basic principle of fulfilled life and happiness is consciousness.
"For Everything we do for ourselves, we do for others; and everything we do for others, we do for ourselves." Thich Nhat Hanh. 

With a focus on overcoming challenges, gratitude, humility, appreciation and mindfulness, individual coherence and living reality can be created, resources unfolded and comfort found, because your soul wants to bloom.

While the profession of coach can be translated in indogenous cultures with terms like chief, crisis manager, shaman, medicine man or woman in one person, this view also includes the potential for development and holistic, alternative health development. All the "soul-food" needed to strengthen your inner defenses is found in our inner garden. Consider me your soul gardener for health maintenance and personal development.

Health is generated through 




relax, let fly

Reiki according to Dr. Mikao Usui is the laying on with hands to lead energetic power where it is needed; while the warmth is clearly felt, the unconditional love (Usui) is said to go from heart to heart.

As a Coach and Reiki Practitioner (master degree), my work does not replace the work of a medical doctor, alternative practitioner or therapist. Reiki may in no way replace conventional medical examinations. Otherwise, there is a risk of not recognizing diseases and delaying their treatment. 

Reiki is a personality experience for the development of individuality, finding harmony to rest in the inner center. Thus, this offer is aimed to people who want to experience and learn health physically / mentally, but it is also offered to medically ill people. 

Health is more than pure absence of symptoms of disease.


Find your balance so that your soul can bloom
Usui-Reiki (=universal life energy) as an
application has the goal to increase well-being, relaxed serenity, conscious joy of life and vitality and offers the chance to be an oasis for the balance of people, work, family, nature and environment.

Reiki can also serve as a method for self-awareness, allowing change and growth, so after the Reiki can be followed by a conversation session about what was felt and how it changed. 

Reiki can have holistic health promotion as a side effect. In any case, self-regulating forces are stimulated.



Science already long agrees that body, mind and soul cannot be considered separately, but that some physical weakness
is an expression of psychological suffering - and vice versa. 

Holistic approach

As a Gesundheitsprakitkerin BfG with a holistic approach, you should not expect a patent remedy!

In crisis and conflict situations, but also in life phases of farewell, grief, change, and new beginnings, I give my clients the space to rediscover and realize themselves, because health grows through self-realization.
Learn step by step to overcome your fear of speaking, to improve communication in relationship structures, to find conflict resolution with colleagues / superiors, to dissolve insecurity in presentations in assessment centers, etc.

Only contact me if you are ready for something new. 

you will have to think about yourself differently and thus gain a deeper understanding of things:
You will expand your awareness of your own abilities. In a protected (learning) space and in compliance with certain rules,
I will listen to you, offer meditations, help you shape crises, have conversations with you, and help you intellectually and/or psychologically overcome what inhibits you.

You will start planning your life 

like you 

plan your vacation.

And you will find 

find time to live.

Places of power are mythical or legendary geographical sites from which a calming, restorative or uplifting energy emanates. Well-known power places in Germany are: Externsteine, Disibodenberg (where the healer and seer Hildegard von Bingen worked) and the southern Black Forest.

Guided walking tour:

Forest bathing and

Refueling at places of power.

Next dates:

Everything cancelled because of Corona

However, there is the possibility of guided fantasy journeys to your inner places of power.


As a native of gorgeous Black Forest I know all its empowerment places.

‍ I invite you to join a guided hiking trip with me. Dates by arrangement, from / and to Düsseldorf HBF from Friday late afternoon to Sunday evening, max. 8 people, price on request.

Find to nature. The target group of this trip are bestagers (50+) who live alone and want to prepare for the phase of maturity. Without a mobile phone, just feel the joy of living in small groups in nature.

We collect naturopathic encounters with herbs for strengthening that are edible (soul food), gain insight into unspoilt nature and I will show you the most beautiful views and panoramic motifs for photo enthusiasts.

We pause and “fill up” with what nature gives us at the original german Black Forest sanctuaries. With every step we gain inner growth, serenity and calm in harmony with nature.

You will be accompanied by coaching discussions during the hikes. In these conversations - but also in the quiet, in which everyone literally goes his own personal development path - the goal is to find out for each participant individually what is coherent and essential.

“Discover the space in you that has always been whole and meet your true self.” Tanmaya Honervogt

Evening group discussions, which serve to reflect on the day and train the happy muscles, are supplemented by morning Reiki applications. The overnight stays in simple guest rooms. 

Enjoyment is guaranteed.


Who am I?

As a qualified graduate in business administration (HR) with additional training as a trainer, personnel developer (trainer, consultant, coach) and assessment center manager, I have worked for many years in projects and advised specialists and executives on recruitment and termination in adult education in the qualification of hospital-helper and senior companioship / caregiver-helper.

Because of my intensive occupation with people, their multicultural origins and their individual life experiences, I started in 2003 to look at things in depth, i.e. to combine economy with ecology and ethics and to shed light on a deeper meaning as well as the connection and connections between or behind things .

Family care and deaths in the narrower circle made me start within law about medicine and on statutory health and also national health insurance system and later with processes of overcoming with grief. During this time of privation, I decided to dedicate my life to salutogenesis and health culture and to devote myself to things like enjoyment, well-being and joy of life.

From 2015 onwards, I am gradually becoming a Reiki user (now a master's degree) according to Dr. Usui and am now an active member of the professional association ProReiki.

Today I know how to embed what I do in physical, emotional, intellectual and spiritual effectiveness; I also work according to the guidelines and qualification obligations of the professional association (BfG / DGAM). You can request these guidelines free of charge from the BfG. Tel. 05139 278101, email:, www.

I am not a pastor, but I am the sum of my training, my family and cultural origins, my previous life experiences, my body, my mind and my soul. By the way: My surname “Flores” literally translates from Latin: You are blooming!

With my combination of methods to unite ancient wisdom of nature with intercultural knowledge in a unique way symbiotically for healthy modern purposes, I will help you to regain your strength in order to develop your individual path of personal development in joy, ease, abundance and well-being discover - at home as well as at work.

Practizing my wonderful work as a health practitioner (Gesundheitspraktikerin BfG) I am able to ...
…accompany people on the journey to their hidden treasures / diamonds, to increase their inner defenses and to accompany them in the development of self-efficacy. I look forward to finding the way to the resources of your soul for a healthy balance together with you.

A. Flores


Tel.:01523 4074896


about me



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A. Flores 

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Appointments only by arrangements before by phone

Mobil: +49 (0) 152 34 074 896

E-Mail: post (at)

How does the coaching take place?
In Corona times I will gladly advise or coach you on the phone, 

via Skype, Zoom or another platform. 

However, I prefer personal contact and an offer package for your concern that will help you sustainably. 

Also open during lockdown as health practitioners provide helpful healthcare services.
Please wear FFP2 mask and follow general AHA rules. Hygiene rules will be followed.
For people with physical limitations (broken bones, wheelchair,...) I offer home visits.


One present-coaching-session from 60 Euro, payable via Paypal (and for risk patients online e.g. Skype). 

One present-reiki-session from 40 Euro, payable via Paypal (and can be done by remote Reiki for at-risk patients). 

It is your personal decision 

and is your responsibility weather and even if the first step is taken. If you would like to talk with your doctor before you visit me, here is the link to my flyer (Flyer) and to my business card (Visitenkarte). I am glad if I have appealed to you.

Dipl.-Btrw. A. Flores

active member Nr. 680 at ProReiki – der Berufsverband e.V.

Grafenberger Allee 186 B

40237 Düsseldorf

I don´t want to offer my portfolio to all the world 

but to all people living around Düsseldorf, 

who may be not so good in speaking German.

your soul wants to bloom